Cricket Phone Flashing, Flash Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, Phones. This service Remotely Flashes CDMA Phones. Unlock, Verizon, Alltel, Motorola, Sprint, Qwest. Get Phone Flashing Experts flashing your phones to cricket.


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Cricket Cell Phone Flashing. Remotely flash cell phones to cricket including Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, and Qwest. This system is designed for business in order to flash their customers phone to cricket around the nation. Now you can flash your phone, and unlock to talk almost any CDMA phone to cricket service.

Get one-on-one live phone flashing customer support! Our technicians will walk you through everything you need to flash your phone for talk, text, internet, and picture messaging!

Full Remote Flashing Service


Full Remote Flashing Service

Cricket Phone Flashing Process Includes:

1.) Connect Your Phone to the Computer at Your Store

2.) Contact One of our Cricket Flash Support Team Members

3.) You Enable The Flash Portal We Provide for You

4.) We Connect to your computer, flash your phone to Cricket

Full Details...

Flashing Computer Includes:

1.) AMD Athlon X2 5000+ 2.2GHz Dual-Core CPU

2.) 2 GB DDR Ram

3.) 19" LCD Flat Panel Monitor

4.) All the Flashing Software Needed and Cables

5.) Mouse, Keyboard, USB Powered Speakers

CDMA Flash Kit :

       - 10 CDMA USB Standard Flashing Cables
        - Full Software Install
        - Flash Bucket Access
        - Member Forums Access
        - Live Customer Support

Standard Flashing Rates
    Flash for Talk and Text - $10
    Add Data to Talk and Text - $10
    Full Flash (Internet & MMS) - $15
    PDA Fully Flashed - $20
       - Full/ smart phones flash available on certain handset for an additional fee
         - Multi-Unit Discounts Available


CDMA Flash Starter Kit Includes :

All Necessary Cables Need to Perform Flashing Service.

Exclusive Access to our Members Area & Remote Manager Software to allow us permission to connect and flash your phone

Full Automated Remote Install of All Software Needed to Complete the Flashing Process

Exclusive Flash Bucket Control Panel
     This is so you can manage your account and add to your flash bucket.

Ordering Information

You MUST have a separate computer for the flashing process. Your computer cannot be a laptop computer, it must be a desktop computer running at least 1 GHz with 512 MB of Ram and have either Windows XP Pro or Home edition ONLY! Your internet connection required for this service MUST be DSL / ISDN 1.5 MB/s or better.

We apologize but we cannot service Tri-Band Cricket network area at this time.

Business bulk / high volume packages are available, please contact us for further information

For Full Details of how the setup process works please click Here

If you would like to ask the Cricket Network a question, then please feel free send an e-mail to

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